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Stony Moutain Headwater Catchment Observatory

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

SMHCO was created to determine the hydrological and geochemical function of headwater catchments and their importance for water availability in the Athabasca River Basin. It uses innovative technology and research techniques to further our knowledge of these vital landscapes.

Often overlooked, these ecozones may well have a disproportionally significant hydrological significance on Alberta's river systems. This project aims to determine the redistribution and storage of water between and among forested hillslopes, wetlands and watercourses. Thus unlocking the key to understanding water quantity and quality at a much larger scale.

This research focuses on headwater catchments within the Athabasca River Basin (ARB), one of Alberta’s largest and most important river systems. The underlying hydrological and biogeochemical processes that impact these important ecosystems may well be determined by the function of these headwaters. Increasing our knowledge will better help manage these wetlands and provide better tools for long term sustainability

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