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Oil Sands Reclamation Hydrology

Monitoring impacts of disturbances and reclaiming landscapes impacted by oilsands development are critical components of any oilsands project. Detailed study and long-term monitoring of these areas is necessary to determine the success of various management strategies.


AU Hydrology is currently working with industry partners on reclamation hydrology of closure landscapes. By improving our understanding how the near-surface soil-water interface responds and evolves in both newly constructed and newly reclaimed sites, we can help reduce the impact of these activities.

This project involves collaboration with Dr Rich Petrone's Hydrometeorlogy Research Group at the University of Waterloo. Click below to learn more about their work!


Recent Publications

Climatic controls on the water balance of a pilot-scale oil sands mining pit lake in the Athabasca oil sands region, Canada

Austin Zabel, Scott Ketcheson and Richard Petrone

Austin completed his Master's research in 2020 and 2021, and focused on investigating the water balance of an end-pit lake in the oil sands region. 

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