Research Collaborators


RIOT Technologies

RIOT technology is revolutionizing the way we acquire environmental monitoring data in remote areas. A Viatec 2019 award winner RIOT is partnering with the SMHCO to implement Low Power Wide Area Wireless (LPWAN) Sensing Networks for better improved data collection.

carl mitchell.jpg

Carl Mitchell - University of Toronto

Dr. Carl Mitchell is one of the premier hydrology researchers in biogeochemical processes and contaminant fate and transport. The lab is home to the CFI and MRI-funded “Integrated Watershed Hydrology and Biogeochemistry Research Facility for the Study of Contaminant Transport and Transformation”


Colin McCarter - University of Toronto

Dr. McCarter's research focuses on hydrology and biogeochemistry. Colin has been working in SMHCO elucidating the biogeochemical transformation and transport of Mercury and other contaminants. Providing important information on relevant and highly dangerous risks to habitat and public drinking water this research has much wider impacts on our society .